Frequently Asked Questions

What unique benefits does the FDSA legal plan offer?

Legal representation by our in-house Network of Attorney.  A free phone consultation will be provided to determine what legal assistance will be provided.

If I need to use my legal benefits, what do I need to do?

Call our toll free number 1-844-890-0412 and advise you need legal assistance.  We will have one of our in-house Attorneys contact you as soon as possible.

If I leave a Florida Sheriff's Office and go to another Florida Sheriff's Office can I keep my FDSA membership?

Yes! For Enhanced Members, as long as the Sheriff's Office you are going to has set up payroll deduction for their employees to become Enhanced Members of the FDSA, it will transfer. If the Sheriff’s Office that you are going to does not offer payroll deduction for FDSA, you can still transfer, but you must pay via ACH or credit card.

I have read the Enhanced Membership brochure, but have more questions. Who can help me?

Contact our FDSA Office in Tallahassee at 1-844-890-0412. Our staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.

What is the relationship between FSA and FDSA?

The FSA and FDSA are separate entities with separate by-laws, boards of drectors, and staff.

Why was the FDSA established?

To provide an association for all active sheriffs office employees, sworn and non-sworn, with benefits designed for law enforcement personnel and to provide opportunity for members to share information of importance to all who work in sheriffs offices, to have their own legislative agenda and representation and to provide financial support and training to all of Florida's deupties.

Is the FDSA a collective bargaining agent?

No. The FDSA’s bylaws prohibit collective bargaining.

Will my legal plan cover administrative inquiries investigations, or grievances?

Yes, along with hearings for pre and post disciplinary or termination inquiries, hearings, or proceedings before a review board or arbitrator.

Who chooses the attorneys who represent the FDSA’s members?

The attorneys who represent FDSA members are your attorneys. You have total right of refusal of any attorney in your legal plan that is assigned to work with you on a job related issue.

Will I have attorney-client privilege with my FDSA attorney or will my information be shared?

Yes, all information is subject to attorney-client privilege and can never be compromised.

Will my legal plan attorney represent me against any disciplinary action concerning my agency?

Yes, again these are your attorneys. 

Under the legal plan will my case be subject to review before I receive legal coverage?

No, as long as your premiums are paid you have representation.