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Enhanced Membership

Enhanced Membership - $25/month (details below)

The $25/month Enhanced Membership offers you Basic Membership benefits plus:


  • Unlimited consultations with your Network Attorney for personal, business and job related matters
  • Administrative and Termination Hearing representation up to 60 hrs per year
  • Consultation with your attorney and on-scene representation for shootings and car accidents involving serious injury 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Wills & Living Wills for you and your covered family members
  • Document Preparation and Review
  • Trial Defense coverage for criminal & civil on the job and civil off the job
  • Tragic Accident Representation for all covered family members including vehicular manslaughter & homicide, on and off the job
  • IRS Audit Services
  • Traffic Violations
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Family Law including Child Support nad Child Custody
  • Representation for Employment Related Investigations
  • And much more! It's like having an attorney on retainer 24/7!

Click here to view more extensive details about the Family Defender Plan.

Covers member for non-occupational injury disability coverage - pays for up to 26 weeks following disability - pays difference between salary at time of injury and replacement salary after disability, up to $250 per week.

Click here  to view more extensive details on the Insurance Benefits offered with the Enhanced Membership.

Identify Defender is available for you and your spouse/significant other for an additional $10 per month. The Identity Defender plan includes:

  • Continuous 24/7 Identity Monitoring, with fraud alerts for suspicious activity
  • Unlimited access to highly trained Fraud Resolution Advisors to assist in restoring your identity
  • Up to $25,000 in Identity Theft expense reimbursement

Click here to view more extensive details on the Identity Defender option.

If you wish to become an Enhanced member of the FDSA, please review several payment options listed below:

  1. The Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) recently ruled that a union has the exclusive right to payroll deduction for members of its collective bargaining unit. Because of this, the FDSA is no longer able to receive payroll deduction from any sheriff office employees that are represented by a collective bargaining union. If this rulling does not apply to you print a copy of this form and fax to 850-878-8665. You will also need to take a copy to your Personnel office so they may begin payroll deduction.

    Click here for a list of sheriff offices offering payroll deduction.
  2. If you do not qualify for option #1, or your sheriff offices does not offer payroll deduction, you can have the dues withdrawn from your checking account or credit card monthly, please click here to access the membership application and online ACH form or click the APPLY button below and sign up on line.

(Or click here to download a Membership Application)