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Lend A Hand

Our "Lend a Hand" program is an opportunity to spotlight member needs from around the state. It may be someone whose child needs special medical care, a member who needs an organ transplant, or someone who lost their home in a fire. We want to tell these stories and get them out, so the brother and sisterhood of the FDSA can work together to solve problems.


Friday night October 28th, 2011 Clay County Sheriffs Office Communications Section Corporal Wendy Inscoe lost her home and all belongings to a fire. Their home was a complete loss. 

Wendy and her husband have insurance and that process is underway.  In the meantime, they are going to live with Wendy’s family nearby.  They have limited space in that home and are not accepting clothing or food donations, but appreciate the sentiment and everyone that has offered to assist. 

At this time, Communications Director Diane Pickering is accepting donations of gift cards (no cash, checks, food or clothing) on the Inscoe’s behalf.  These cards can be for grocery stores, restaurants, Wal Mart, etc…..anywhere you think they’ll need to shop as they attempt to recover from this incident.

Thank you in advance for concern.


Mary Justino (on behalf of Director Pickering and Capt. Harris) Please send to the address below. 

|  901 N. Orange Ave  |  Green Cove Springs, FL 32043  | ' 904.213.6009  | 7 904.284.0710 | * Mary Justino| þ Http://www.claysheriff.com |


Two young children of a FDSA member are experiencing expensive medical problems. In 2009, son Brayden came home from VPK and fell to the ground with a horrendous headache. After a CT scan, the family discovered Brayden has what is called a Chiari Malformation (Arnold-Chiari malformation, ACM), which is a malformation of the brain. It can cause headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness in the head and face, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, nausea, and impaired coordination. In severe cases, serious neurological defects can occur.

In 2010, Brayden’s Chiari had gotten worse and his brain stem was swelling and there was absolutely no cerebrospinal fluid flow going to his brain. He underwent surgery in June, which only resulted in minimal flow of cerebrospinal fluid to his brain. He underwent a second surgery in September and contracted chemical meningitis.  He recently has had a stroke and currently has two blood clots in the MCA and ACA portion of his brain. In April 2011, The Mayo Clinic diagnosed Brayden with MoyaMoya disease and he will need a brain bypass surgery.

The family’s eight year old son, Skler, has been diagnosed with the first stage Chiari Malformation and is currently 15mms herniated.  He currently does not need surgery but will be monitored every six months.

If you would like to lend a hand to this family, please email, AJ Smith, Director of Operations.